Gappy Ranks – War Ah Yu Gate (The Mixtape)

Its Simple.. Jacob Lee Williams aka Gappy Ranks aka My artist of 2011. I swear I’ve played more Gappy Ranks on my radio show’s and podcasts this year more than any other artist, and there is one good reason for that… Gappy’s workrate and music this year can only be classed as ‘Hits Pon Toppa Hits’.

If you’ve got Gappy on your blackberry messenger, you’ll have probably lost count of the amount of country flags that have popped up on his profile this year. If its not Europe, it’s America.. or Asia… Or even AUSTRALIA. Through his ‘Thanks and Praise’ tour, coupled with his WestCoast Tour alongside Bermudan dancehall artist Collie Budz, he has definately blessed the world with his talent and clocked up some crazy air miles this year, and it’s all in the name of UK Dancehall and Reggae music, a world close to his heart. iSalute That!

MUSIC – From ‘Place Shelldown’ to ‘Look How Long’. From ‘Party Town’ to ‘Mi Nuh Ready Fi Die’ and more.. including ‘Had Enough’, the maybach music remix. Swagga ready fi beat dem!. Check his discography out.. Its BUSY!

Whilst his album ‘Thanks & Praise’ is still selling those units worldwide, he drops a brand new mixtape to bless fans old and new with some ear-fire to blaze his sound to the masses.

Download Mixtape Here

Courtesy of the BBC Website: ‘Gappy Ranks is a dancehall musician… He has received radio airplay from the likes of Mista Hooli ( on Bang Radio 103.6 and…’ – Gassed lol –

Gappy Ranks: @GappyRanks
Mista Hooli: @MistaHooli

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